Current Actions

On Thursday 15 December 2022 at George Square, in Patras, AMKE vision in mission "gave the Paron" and embraced the solidarity action organized by the Iera Metropolis of Patras in cooperation with the region of Western Greece where it is an act of love and offer towards the fellow man where we offered food.

The NGO with the name ''Vision On A Mission'' (, whose purpose is to serve socially excluded groups and families who are below the poverty line. Through the social programs implemented by Vision On A Mission we provide support to these families, either material or social, often psychological and medical.

On Friday 21st of October 2022, "NGO Vision on a Mission", represented by Rot. Marios Didachos, in cooperation with the Rotary Club of Patras, the President of the Club Hara Anastasopoulou and the members of the Club Yannis Pefanis and Konstantinos Kourniotis visited, by pre-arrangement, the St Stephen's Prisons of Patras in Achaia and delivered 3...

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