Be a volunteer

Volunteering is the voluntary provision of services without the motivation of material reward, for the benefit of society

Volunteering is not mandatory, it is based on the voluntary participation of the active citizen. However, a volunteer is also one who contributes material goods in situations that are considered necessary to meet human needs, without expecting anything in return. 

A volunteer's goal is to improve the social, economic, environmental, sports, educational and other fundamental needs of a society.

Still the concept of volunteering is associated with solidarity and selfless offering. Volunteering is expressed in many ways, each with its own physiognomy and method of action. A common feature of all, however, is their contribution to the defence of fundamental rights.

In modern times, volunteering has been established as the institution that contributes in tackling social, economic and environmental problems and is called upon to fill the gaps created by the weakness of the state and market mechanisms.

Registration Form

Volunteers will be able to register by filling in their details in the relevant registration form.

The applications of the volunteers will be registered according to the statement of preference that they will fill in the relevant field. Then there will be a distribution by the Health Regions according to the needs that arise in the health structures of their area of ​​responsibility.

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