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Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection

Our action is based on the fundamental humanitarian principles of humanism, neutrality, impartiality and independence.

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Blood donation

Voluntary Blood Donation is a genuine act of giving and responsibility, which helps substantially in the fight against the danger to the lives of thousands of our fellow citizens.

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One of the main growth sectors of society is education, within which there are many changes and strengthening our main goal.

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Contribution to others is the main characteristic of Solidarity, it is horizontal and takes place between equals.

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Unaccompanied minor refugees - rights.

In recent years, in Greece, there has been a significant increase in the number of minors, children or adolescents, who arrive in the country alone, without their family or other adult to accompany and care for them.

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People with Disabilities

Our country treats people with special needs in particular. Especially, for the mentally persons with intellectual disabilities adults, there is no care on the part of the State, not even at the level of infrastructure.

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''Vision on a mission''

Vision on a mission is a non-profit company whose purpose is to help the less fortunate and improve their living conditions, by providing all possible assistance.

The non-profit company vision on a mission consists mainly in the sense of article 784AK.



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Current actions.... 

As the festive season unfolds, I wanted to send you my warmest Christmas wishes. May this festive season be full of joy, laughter and the company of the loved ones in your heart.

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