A.M.C.E. Vision on the Mission in collaboration with the non-profit association Desmos are standing next to the local community by supporting institutions and services.


The Fire Corps is the Corps that makes people feel safe, feel secure in the summer with forest fires, but also in the winter with urban fires, floods and all the severe weather phenomena.

Indeed, at a time when there is now a climate crisis, not just climate change, and weather phenomena are becoming more and more intense, the importance of the Fire Brigade is becoming increasingly important.

In the 6th EMODE of Patras there are about 90 people serving. The foresters operate in the forest, before the fire reaches the road network, creating firebreaks and assisting in extinguishing the fire, while they will also act preventively.

Both AMKE Vision in Mission in cooperation with the non-profit association Desmos joined forces in order to contribute and strengthen the 6th EMODE Patras with electrical appliances (refrigerator freezer Boss, TV 35') and stationery where needed or service.

At this point we would like to thank the donor for the electrical appliances, Mrs. Ioanna Gougeli.

This initiative was received with great pleasure by the commander Vice-Admiral Andreas Lourba , expressing their warm wishes and thanks.