The activity of N.G.O

The purpose of the company is non-profit within the meaning of article 784 of the Civil Code and consists mainly of:

  • Solidarity, Humanitarian Aid, Medical Welfare and the free provision of Educational services to our fellow human beings who suffer physically or mentally, regardless of religion, gender, race, homeland and age, Greeks and Foreigners, located inside or outside the Greek Territory, refugees immigrants or applicants of Asylum, the homeless, the needy, the long-term unemployed, people with disabilities and people with limited access to free medical care and education.
  • The development and implementation of actions for unaccompanied under-aged refugees aiming at their safe residence and transportation. Covering at the same time free of charge all their living needs, clothing, footwear, food, housing, entertainment, psychological support, in cooperation with Competent Bodies for the Protection of Minors, in accordance with the Greek Legislation but also the rules of the International Convention on the Rights of the Child.
  • The provision of free services for the socio-economic integration of persons belonging to the above categories.
  • The establishment, management and operation of free accommodation structures for vulnerable groups of the population, such as victims of torture, domestic violence and abuse, victims of trafficking, the needy, the homeless, regardless of gender, age, nationality, religion.
  • The provision of free social support services of a counseling or psychological nature;
  • The support, apart from the above categories, of the long-term unemployed and people with disabilities in order for them to secure occupation.
  • The pursuit of collective benefits by strengthening, supporting, but also promoting the integration into the economic and social life of individuals or social groups of the population belonging to the above categories as well as promoting these issues to raise public awareness.
  • The development, management, execution and implementation of Prevention and Promotion of Health as well as the education and social inclusion of programs of the aforementioned Vulnerable Groups of the population, nationwide, through planning and monitoring their implementation actions, based on volunteering.
  • In the publication of information and special forms, brochures and books, (electronic and non-electronic) and all kinds of informative material, in the creation of websites and in the development of electronic health and education applications for the promotion of the aims and the support of the actions of the company.

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