The Quality Mark is the Certificate of Solidarity of high quality


The NGO  VISION ON A MISSION today proudly announces the achievement of the Quality Mark, an important milestone in the organization's journey towards fulfilling its objectives and performing at high levels of solidarity within the European Solidarity Corps.

The Quality Label is a certification process that confirms that AMKE 'Vision on a Mission - VISION ON A MISSION' has achieved the following criteria:

High Quality Solidarity Activities: It has the necessary structures and processes in place to carry out high quality solidarity activities that contribute to solving social problems and strengthening the community.

Effective action: The organisation has demonstrated effectiveness and is committed to achieving its objectives in a transparent and accountable manner.

Compliance with the Principles and Requirements of the European Solidarity Corps: It operates in accordance with the principles and requirements set out by the European Solidarity Corps, ensuring that it makes an effective contribution to society.

This certification demonstrates the commitment of  NGO  VISION ON A MISSION to promoting solidarity and achieving high standards in this field. The organization continues to act with passion and commitment towards achieving its social goals and supporting people in need.

The NGO VISION ON A MISSION looks forward to a future where solidarity and the high quality of its activities will continue to light the way for a better society.

Finally,   NGO VISION ON A MISSION expresses its thanks to all the supporters, volunteers and partners who have contributed to the achievement of this important milestone.