A warm embrace for older people


On Monday 23-01-2023 an action took place at the Konstantopouleio Eugirio.

The purpose of this action is to help the institutions for the elderly with donations of sheets and blankets in order to support them because of the winter.

It is an action to honor the Third Age and to be closer to the "People of Wisdom", as I call them. The older a person gets, the more they need a hug!

And when you think about it, people of that age don't want much more ...

A smile, a good morning, a pat on the shoulder, a hug, a warm word, a little attention can give them incredible joy !

On the other hand, we younger people "run and don't reach" and as a result, sometimes without realizing it, we neglect our own elderly people, putting them in second place and thinking that tomorrow "they will be HERE ..." to make up for it.

It is one of those loving and grateful relationships that are built when people find a helping hand to lean on when they need it...

It is ultimately very important for people to say "I'm Here" and mean it!

For us, our work "is not just a job!"

They are human relationships based on meaningful communication and a "give and take" of emotions.

A wonderful journey with the most beautiful people as companions. The people of experience and wisdom...

These are the people who deserve to be known better!

They deserve to stand up to them! They deserve to persevere!

And with them, a whole world they keep deeply hidden.

The generation of people who went through many misfortunes and lived through wars, famine, occupations, and yet managed to (re)live with dignity!

They deserve Dignity to the end!

Human nature has won over emotion,

to feel and these people deserve to be felt!

For they enrich us with knowledge and pay us with hugs of gratitude redeemable in Love Priceless!

We promise to stay by their side!

At this point we would like to say a big thank you to TIMA Public Benefit Foundation which is a helper in every activity we do.

The Director of the Konstantopouleio Eugenio warmly thanked us for the initiative and wished that we could repeat similar activities soon.