Who we are...

The Non-Profit Company with the name Vision on Mission was founded on  18 December  2020 and the purpose of the company is non-profit within the meaning of article 784 of the Civil Code. From 2020 until today at the center of A.M.K.E. is the human.

We are very proud to say that our staff as well as our volunteers are made up of young people who share a common vision and selflessly contribute to its implementation. In total we are 20 young people who graduated from different branches of Universities, TEI and IEK, we worked for years and at the same time we united to create a purpose that we serve. Each of us puts his own little stone through the knowledge he has and we all together create activities and with great will we always manage despite the difficulties to carry them out.

Our vision is to create a world without discrimination and without injustice through education and support.

Our values ​​are solidarity, cooperation, support and care.

Our goals are:

  • Creating integrated solidarity networks for vulnerable groups: Our team grows daily with staff and volunteers who can provide multilevel assistance and advice.
  • Promotion of social and humanitarian actions: The support of vulnerable groups, especially refugees and immigrants, is carried out with specific measures to support them in terms of daily needs and mental health.
  • Promoting issues related to the protection and social integration of refugees.
  • Promoting respect for the principles of equal treatment, dignified living, protection of the physical and mental health of persons belonging to vulnerable groups.
  • Protection of privacy with respect for sensitive personal data.
  • The provision of psychosocial support,
  • The fight against the exclusion of vulnerable social groups of the population.
  • The provision of psychological and counseling services.
  • The creation of equal opportunities and new perspectives for the vulnerable groups of the population.
  • Promoting mental health.
  • Providing psychiatric care to the community based on the principles of social psychiatry and psychosocial rehabilitation.
  • Creating a network to find work.

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