Letter of thanks to AMKE IASIS, Fabric Republic & I.M N.I.F.H.H.


The NGO with the name  ''Vision On A Mission'' (www.visiononamission.gr), whose purpose is to serve socially excluded groups and families who are below the poverty line. Through the social programs implemented by Vision On A Mission we provide support to these families, either material or social, often psychological and medical.

The President and the Board of Directors would like to thank the non-profit association AMKE IASIS and Fabrick Republic where  in collaboration with I.M N.I.F.H.H. for the positive response and the kind act of solidarity to provide clothing as well as 60 pieces of blankets to support orphanages, nursing homes and institutions in need, your contribution is extremely important for our difficult work.

It strengthens our actions to support vulnerable and susceptible groups and gives us the necessary strength to continue, while inspiring the movement of volunteerism and giving in Greece.

The sensitivity of the Association AMKE IASIS and Fabrick Republic where in cooperation with I.M N.I.F.H.H. on issues of social giving is particularly high and for this reason it has a rich social work to show.

We thank them from the bottom of our hearts for their contribution and wish them good luck in their work.