The Member of Parliament of Achaia, Mrs. Christina Alexopoulou in cooperation with the NGO "Vision On A Mission", supported the Social wardrobe of Aigio.


On the occasion of the new school year, the Member of Parliament of Achaia, Mrs. Christina Alexopoulou and the NGO "Vision On A Mission", represented by Mr. Marios Didachos, contributed to the coverage of various needs to support the Aigio Social wardrobe in order to start the year under the best conditions.

In an act of selflessness and love for the community, they delivered children's shoes, children's clothes, clothes for adults, milk bottles, pacifiers, soothers, fairy tales, women's shoes, candies, as well as toys for our little friends, in order to contribute together and see happy faces.

We would like to thank Mrs. Christina Alexopoulou, where she supported us in this action "Be a hero of tomorrow, change the world".

At this point we would like to say a big thank you to the non-profit association "Desmo", where in each of our activities is a helper.

This initiative was received with great pleasure by both the children and the managers of the Social Clothing Store, expressing their warm wishes and thank