8 of March 2022 is the world women's day


         The NGO with the name Vision On a Mission, they honor and participate in the International Women's Day or the United Nations Day for Women's Rights, which is celebrated everywhere on March 8. The World women's day arose during the First World War in the context of the political struggle for equal rights and suffrage for women.

A woman is the mother, the wife, the daughter, the partner, the grandmother, the girlfriend, the colleague...

Unfortunately, this year's International Women's Day in our country is stigmatized by the loss of 17 women, who lost their lives in 2021, as they were victims of crime by their partners, victims of gynecology as we usually say.

The NGO with the name Vision On a Mission, chooses for the above reason that today be a day of remembrance for the unjust loss of these women and not a celebration. It is the day we wish, uniting our voice with that of the community, to apologize that we failed to become their shield. At the same time, we send the message that NGO Vision on Mission, holding in the memory of these women, will continue to develop actions and initiatives, in order to prevent any kind of violence in the community, including gender.

We hope that in our fight, you will be companions. 

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