Clothes Donation to the ark of love. 


On the occasion of Children's Day where it is celebrated on 20 of November and in the effort to strengthen the Ark of Love, The NGO with the name  Vision on a Mission where in an act of selflessness and love for children, they handed over clothes for the winter we are going through.

We delivered 6000 pieces of clothing to the ark of love for the children who need it. The ark of love helps families (especially those with many children), taking on the burden of raising children with such serious problems and thus relieving them of the social stigma that affects the normal development of the other children in the family.

There are two departments: a juvenile ward that accepts children aged 1-18 with severe mental and physical disabilities and an adult ward that only accepts children in the juvenile ward when they are adults. food, medical care and medication as directed by doctors. Implements physiotherapy, occupational therapy programs, as well as a daily care program for each child who due to their severe disabilities are unable to eat alone, drink water, go to the toilet and on a 24-hour basis are in diapers that must be changed 4 times a day. and as many other times as needed